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Kings cup cards

kings cup cards

King´s Cup (Trinkspiel) spielen. King's Cup ist ein beliebtes Trinkspiel, das sich perfekt für jede Party oder kleine Runde eignet. Es gibt viele verschiedene. Rules for the drinking game King's Cup. Setup. Players gather around a cup which has cards evenly distributed around it. Kings Cup is a drinking card game that is popular over college campuses nationwide. Learn what you need, how to set up and all the rules to play kings cup. kings cup cards The last person has to drink. Once you do this it changes the direction and now should be moving around the circle in the opposite direction that it had been going. The player who picked the card chooses a category. Retrieved from " https: Wenn ein Spieler versehentlich das Wort sagt, muss er zur Strafe trinken.


How to Play Kings

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